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Half On A Baby Şar..

You Didn’t Tell Me You Loved Me
Until I Said I Loved You
But, I Didn’t Love You, Until After I Fucked You
Are We Both Guilty? Do You Feel Me?
I Was Tryna Go Half & Half With You On A Baby

I Must’ve Been Crazy To Let You Play Me
Btch Im Too Wavy,
You Could Never Replace Me
And I Can’t Take It, With You Was Amazing
I Woulda Went Half & Half With You On A Baby

You Was The One
I Said I Loved You So I Fucked With You
I Was Hearing Rumors Hoping That It Wasnt True
You Would Call My Phone Thinking It Was Cool But You Knew
Everything You Told Me That You Wasn’t Doing You Do, Girl
It Was True, Girl
Now I Gotta Couple New Girls In My New World
Any Different Type Of Mood I Can Pick & Choose Girls
Tell Me What You Wanna Do
I Can Pick You Up In A Two Door
That’s A New Sport, Come & Hop In
All Them Niggas Talking Nonsense, They Don’t Want This
Girl I Probably Woulda Gave You Anything You Wanted
Girl I Probably Woulda Put A Baby In Ya Stomach

Half On A Baby
Na Na Na Na

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