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All Ego’s As..

my eyes watch you ease your way to his side
slowly, effortlessly placing a knife in myhand
you, you never, never broke the skin, it was me who held the blade as i pushed it through my spine, and now i pull it from the wound as it gasps for air, leaving me to wonder why do i do this to myself, loving every second spent standing by your side, this moment makes me feel alive yet the blood still stains my hands, i cant stand to watch you watching him, its not your fault for feeling strong for someone else, its my fault for hoping to someday hold you hand, your not to blame for my blood when i tear myself open over and over again, you’ve had all my attention for weeks now, but it loks like your attention has been focused on him, lucky guy, you know how i feel and for now i’ll just watch you walk away with him, am i wasting my time with these feelings? it felt so good to assume you felt the same, heaven maybe, no more, my eyes wtached you ease your way to his side, slowly, effortlessly placing a knife in my hand, im so tired of stabbing myself in the back with these feelings unreturned, its not your fault, i just cant get over you and wake up from a euphoric dream where we’re walking hand in hand….your beautiful in every way to me…i’m sorry…

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